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Tree Swing Hanging Strap with Swivel

Tree Swing Hanging Strap with Swivel by Swinging Monkey

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Brought to you by Swinging Monkey Products, the tree swing hanging kit is the easiest and safest way to create a tree swing for your home. Using our strap you can have a swing up and ready to go in minutes without harming or damaging the tree. Follow the simple steps below and see how easy it is to set up this swing.

  1. Wrap the strap around the tree limb.
  2. Pull the side of the strap with the carabiner through the loop on the opposite side and pull tight forming a secure connection around the tree limb.
  3. Hang your swing by attaching it to the carabiner and screw the locking carabiner into place.
  4. DONE! Time to get swinging!

Tree swing kit includes: 72 inch strap, swivel attachment and locking carabiner.

Strap is designed to support over 500 pounds and can be used with a wide variety of web swings or fabric swings.


Safe, Fun, and Hours of Entertainment For Your Family!


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