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What kind of Swing to get your Kids for Christmas

20 Dec, 2017

What kind of Swing to get your Kids for Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and the scramble for last minute holiday gifts is in full swing. If you’re looking for something that your kids won’t just enjoy, but that they’ll actually enjoy for years to come, a swing might be the perfect option.

Swings aren’t just fun summer-time play equipment. They can be used as toys, exercise equipment, or even a comfortable hammock. While a lot of typical gifts for kids will be left to sit on a shelf after a few weeks of enjoyment, a properly maintained swing will remain in use as long as your kids have access to it. Of course, not all kinds of swings are created equal. So, what kind of swing really is best? As with everything else, it depends...

Indoor or Outdoor?

Depending on what part of the country you live in, what your children’s preferences are, and whether you have a backyard with sufficient room you might opt to install your swing indoors rather than outside in the yard.


While swings can be just as much fun in winter as in the summertime, most kids won’t be very excited about going outside in January in Minnesota. In warmer states, providing some incentive to play outside year-round is a great way to keep kids active and exposed to sunlight during the darker winter months.

Sufficient Space

Everyone loves sitting on a swing under a shade tree with a nice view of the garden, but this idyllic setup isn’t always an option. If you don’t have a backyard, or there just isn’t enough space, an indoor swing can offer a great alternative. Instead of trying to make it fit somewhere it doesn’t you can simply put it where your kids will love it most, whether that’s in a play room alongside all their other toys, or in the living room as a relaxing spot to read a book.

Classic or Modern?

The most popular type of swing is still the simple and classic example of a wooden seat mounted on two ropes. There’s much to be said for this in terms of is simple aesthetics, and it tends to blend right in whether it’s hanging in your living room outside or from a tree in the backyard. On the other hand these kinds of swings mainly just allow simple back-and-forth motion, and they certainly aren’t comfortable to lounge on.

A modern web swing or fabric swing, on the other hand, can swing in any direction. On top of that, their shape and size allow them to double as a comfortable hammock, even while accommodating multiple kids at once. In the end, every kind of swing offers a different experience. The right choice for you and your kids depends strongly on your own preferences, and what your goals for your kids’ new play equipment are.

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