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The Best Kinds of Swings to Hang Inside your Home

25 Oct, 2017

The Best Kinds of Swings to Hang Inside your Home

Indoor swings are a great way to provide additional play options for your kids when the weather isn’t favorable, while also offering adults a pleasant way to relax at home. While indoor swings don’t allow for the same kind of high-energy play that an outdoor playground might, they also offer some wonderful advantages in terms of their versatility. Outdoor swings need to be durable and utilitarian first in order to survive years of constant use and weathering. The protection that an indoor environment offers gives people more options in regard to what type of swing they want to have, and what it might look like.

Multi Purpose Swings

Indoor space is limited, so it can feel like a waste of space to dedicate the necessary room for a swing and the space to safely move around. The simple solution to this issue is to get a swing that has a wider range of uses. For example, our fabric swings aren’t just wonderful play and exercise equipment, they’re also comfortable hammocks, perfect for curling up in with a book.

Web swings are similarly versatile in this way, but with the added benefit of allowing someone using one many different ways to grip and hold on to it. This makes it possible to swing in a lot of different ways. Additionally, both of these swings can come in much larger sizes than regular swings, making it more comfortable to relax in them, while also making it possible for multiple kids to swing at the same time.

Swings Made of Weaker Natural Materials

Outdoor swings today are most commonly made to emphasize durability. That means nylon ropes or steel chains and simple functional plastic seats. This makes them much easier to maintain, and makes them far safer to use in public playgrounds. Inside your house, though, that isn’t a major concern.

The steady controlled temperature and lack of weather indoors prevents rust, ice, and decomposition damage. That means you can build a swing using any materials of your choice with the reasonable expectation that your swing will hold up just as well in a few years as they did on the day you installed it. You’ll still need to perform regular maintenance to deal with any direct wear from general use, but normally still less than you would on a more durable swing outdoors.

Artistic and Luxury Swings

Tying it all together is creative, artistic, and luxury swings. Because you don’t need to worry about weathering, you don’t have to limit yourself. Want to go all out and get a swing with a padded leather seat and wrought iron attachments? Want to create something that’ll match the rest of the furniture in your house, or a statement piece in your decor? Swings don’t have to just be toys. When they’re in your home, they can be whatever you want them to be.

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