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DIY Playsets VS Factory Made, Which is Better?

08 Jun, 2017

DIY Playsets VS Factory Made, Which is Better?


Custom or premade?

Having a playset in your yard is more than just a toy. This is a structure that can complement your home and create a focal point for your yard. Properly maintained, it can last a lifetime, and become a place for memories as well as a display for various items later. What begins as an area to let kids play can later become a place to hang plants, banners, or simply make a statement with a bit of retrofitting. This creates a new question however. As such a personalized part of your home, should you find one that seems good enough at the store, or consider making one from scratch? Each has benefits and pitfalls, presenting an even more personal choice.



Playsets are currently available in a variety of stores, each one boasting a selection of possible additions to your home. Playsets are available in metal, plastic, and multiple types of wood. From those with a slide only, to those that encompass an entire host of swings, climbing options, and a pseudo-fort, the choices seem only limited by price and what the store carries. Usually, a purchase gives you most or all of what you need in a convenient package. The purchase, while hefty, means you will be able to put together what they offer with instructions and parts without concern. In some cases, associates can be hired to come out and put it together for you. This is a great time and frustration saver as it allows all the benefits of getting a set completed quickly. The sets are assembled in such a way to be cohesive and attractive, sturdy and ready for play.



For those that are willing to do a bit more of the work, a certain degree of satisfaction is available in designing your own. When purchasing a set from a store, you are forced to consider what is available and decide if such is something you are willing to compromise on. If you wanted a set of features or play patterns, you need to either get lucky enough to find one that suits your interests, or decide what takes priority. This compromise can become more than a hassle than building the set to begin with! When designing your own set, you become the architect and are in charge of what goes where, and what features are important. You get to decide if the slide is high enough, or if there are enough swings. This freedom allows for the unique design that matters most to you and your family. Additionally, as it is done by hand, you can choose what materials to use, and how reinforced you want the structure to be. Some commercially available sets can warp or bend as kids get older. If the set is a personal project, how reinforced it becomes is completely customized. From a tree fort to fort knox, you can make what suits your family best.


What is better?

Unfortunately, that is not a clear answer. For some, the convenience wins out. Many do not have the expertise or time to design and create a new playset for themselves. Doing so requires that it be not only made right, but also ensuring that each piece is correct. Building one requires that the builder be sure that the wood is the right dimensions for each piece, and made in a way that will stand up to the elements. If anything goes wrong, there are no safety measures other than starting that part over again. Such is not a simple project like toy bricks. The structure must be sound and ready to be out in the elements for years. That presents a daunting challenge to those not accustomed to DIY.

On the other hand, those that are not new to the idea have the benefits of knowing precisely what to work with, and what they want. Pre-made sets are easy and attractive, but made for a general audience. Designed to be wanted by the largest possible consumer base, they lack the touches that make it truly ‘yours.’ With a fair amount of work, you can have a truly unique and breathtaking piece. Instead of limiting yourself to a playset, you can design something unique to your yard and really exemplify play for your family alone. Instead of a swing set, DIY can provide the ultimate tree fort, or a theme piece that nobody else can claim to have.


More extensive knowledge and available funds are the barriers to a DIY playset at home. A homemade set can be more expensive over time as you need to take raw materials and not only construct but also treat them. Creating a set that will fit your needs over time is a labor of love, and can create something magnificent. However, without the experience and tools, a cheaper option is to find one that suits your needs enough and purchase something that can be built far faster with less experience needed. Both are great options for having a swing set or play area, and are able to add years of play to your home. Swinging Monkey wants you to make the right choice for your family when purchasing playsets and web swings for your family.

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