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Creating Indoor Play Opportunities for Kids

28 Nov, 2017

Creating Indoor Play Opportunities for Kids

During the cold winter months, it’s important for kids to continue to take time to exercise and move around. This is critical for their physical development, and for building healthy lifelong habits. Additionally it helps them to stay focused and alert through dark, dreary winters while less active kids will lose much of their focus.

While continuing to go outside to play is ideal in terms of getting exposed to sunlight and allowing for plenty of room to run around, it’s not always a realistic option when the weather is bad. To get around this, parents can set up indoor play equipment that allows their little ones to be active no matter what the weather is like.

Indoor Swing Sets

A classic indoor toy is the indoor swing. Swinging is a great way to exercise the upper body, and the motion can feel relaxing if you kids are feeling stressed. Besides that, some indoor swings can also double has a comfortable hammock.

Swings can come in all shapes and sizes, and your options for indoor swings are actually much broader than outdoor versions. An indoor swing can be made of any material, from wood, to plastic, to canvas, because you don’t need to worry about weathering. That means that, if you like, you can build a swing that matches your other decor, or that serves multiple unique uses. /p>

Climbing Walls

A climbing wall is great piece of indoor play equipment that works out the entire body. Climbing is a natural skill for humans, and even relatively young kids easily learn climb well (often better than their parents!). They also have a lot of long-term value, because a well-designed wall can easily be modified to to age appropriate levels of difficulty as kids grow.

Another thing to consider is that climbing walls are also relatively economical in terms of square footage. By making use of walls and other vertical spaces, you can keep more floor space available for other uses. Do keep in mind, however, that a safe climbing wall needs sufficient space for crash pads.

Active Play Toy Box

Indoor space is always at a premium, but that doesn’t have to make it impossible to do cardiovascular exercise. Gather a selection of high-energy toys like jump ropes and hula hoops, and mark down a hopscotch pattern in a designated play space. While these types of games are very active, they require relatively little space, and don’t involve projectiles like balls flying around the space. This allows kids to tire get their whole body moving indoors, without turning your whole house into a gym.

By taking the time to provide these kinds of play opportunities for your kids, you can make staying active and in shape during the winter an easy decision for them to make.

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