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Choosing the right swing for your family

14 May, 2018

Choosing the right swing for your family

Getting a new swing set might seem like a straightforward task, until you start shopping for the right option for your kids. Different kinds of swings don’t just come in various price ranges, there are aesthetic and maintenance factors to consider, and how much fun it’ll be to play on for your kids. After all, what’s the point of having a swing set if your kids won’t want to use it? A swing isn’t just a plank with some rope anymore. Compared to previous generations, parents today have far more and better options.

Belt Style Swing

Belt style swings are the perfect option for single-child households, or people who prefer a more traditional type of swing. It’s found in a lot of public playgrounds and parks, because it’s simple and very safe to use. Unlike a traditional hard wooden seat, flexible belt style swings naturally tighten inward when someone sits on them. This holds them much more securely than a traditional seat, and helps to discourage risky and unsafe play behavior like attempting to jump from the swing.

Web Swings

Web swings provide a much more varied experience than traditional swings. Because the large round seat is made of netting, kids don’t need to sit upright in the typical swinging position, gripping the ropes for leverage. Instead they can swing in a number of ways, holding on to the seat itself. At 40 inches across, kids don’t need to sit at all, but can swing lying down. Alternatively, several kids can get on the swing at the same time.

Best of all, unlike a traditional swing, it’ can be easily mounted to a single point on your swingsets frame, making it omnidirectional. This opens up a lot of new ways to play for your kids. Instead of just swinging back and forth, they can swing any direction, or, if they like, even around in circles.

Fabric Swings

Like web swings, fabric swings are omnidirectional, and offer a lot more options for your kids than a regular swing. They ideal for families that have multiple kids, because they’re large enough to accommodate several people at the same time, with a weight limit of 400 pounds. There’s no need to fight over whose turn it is when everyone can get on the swing right now.

Additionally, fabric swings are designed to be very comfortable to lie in. This means they aren’t just great places to swing, but can also be used to curl up in with a book to catch some sun on a nice day. With a swing like this, it’ll be no surprise when your kids want to spend all their time outside.

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