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Benefits of a Home Playset vs a Park Playground

22 Jun, 2017

Benefits of a Home Playset vs a Park Playground

Private vs Public playtime

Most parks and play areas around the country boast at least a few swings for kids to enjoy while their parents and loved ones either walk around the park or simply sit and watch. Depending on the interest a child has in playing on a playset, they can become great aids for both them and their caregivers. Playsets can have extensive options, including swings, slides, bridges, climbs, and poles to name just a few. These benefits of having a place to run off excess energy and enjoy the outdoors freely raises the question of having such an opportunity at home. Certainly, it can complement a home to have a play structure outdoors. The convenience is also something to consider, as having one in your backyard is incredibly easy to access. However, like any large investment, many options can become confusing, and the costs of maintenance and ownership can mount. While great in theory, having your own play area within your yard can be a long-term commitment that may not work for everybody.


Personalized play area 

Should you choose to have your own play area, the options are staggering. You can choose various materials, colors, shapes, and options to truly personalize your own playset to suit your needs. A host of colors are available, so matching it to your home is easy and can be done without much hassle. Wood, plastic, or metal structures can be made and assembled with relative ease. Much of it depends on your budget and what activities you want to include in your playset. Wood has the most options, but all can work for you. Once constructed, it can be quite convenient to tell your children to play outside, and them having that option. Instead of simply staying in the empty yard, this gives a focal point to your yard that they can play in endlessly. Doing so lets them play far sooner and harder since the travel time to a play area is nullified. On the parental side, you can stay home and enjoy your own porch instead of waiting on a bench at the park. Somewhere that is comfortable to you and familiar to rest or even get some work done.

Another aspect to consider is that by building a playset in your yard, you are becoming a focal point for the local area. Kids love to play on these creations, and will begin to visit your home for that purpose. While made for your family, other families can show interest. This brings the social focus to your home and allows both kids and parents to talk and network. Growing closer to neighbors can help you sense of community, all while developing the physical, social, and creative skills of your child.


Community focus

Parks are already social centers for any community. They provide a singular locale that is often easy to find where families can go to enjoy a day outside. As such, the funding for any playsets is far more expansive than most private owners are willing to pay. This creates a need to satisfy a more varied play pattern than a single family would need, and that diversity can give your child far more options. Some playsets are several floors tall, and can have a wide variety of activities. Paid for by the city rather than a single investor, the trip to the park can make the same or greater levels of play available without breaking the bank. Additionally, the park is well known by all around, making it a social gathering locale. True, having one in your backyard can bring the focus to your home, but far more will likely visit the park than ever approach you for permission to play on your property. This expands the opportunities for social bonds and interaction. The greatest benefit of a social center for your playground needs is possibly the upkeep. As any person that maintains a lawn can attest, people walking on an area repeatedly can easily kill your grass. This creates an eyesore area on a well-kept lawn. Additionally, the playset itself will require maintenance. When parts become loose or even break, they must be repaired for safety reasons if nothing else. Depending on the material used and the cost of the initial construction, this can be simple or expensive. The wild variance can be intimidating for private owners, but a city-owned construct should have access to more resources and those qualified to fix it quickly.

A playset can be a great benefit to an area, but deciding on private ownership versus a public location comes down to only two primary factors. The first is financial. If you are able to cover the cost of what you want to play on, and the upkeep of such a heavily used structure, it can be a great benefit. The second is social. While convenient, it draws people to your lawn. For more private owners, this might pose a problem. On the other hand, having it in a public park can be overwhelming as it is literally open to all users in an area. The choice is one that balances many factors, and should be thought out carefully.

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