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4 Swing Set Upgrades to get your Kids excited about Active Outdoor Pla

13 Feb, 2018

4 Swing Set Upgrades to get your Kids excited about Active Outdoor Play

After months of being cooped up inside, stir crazy parents and kids alike are already looking forward to getting outside and finally moving around again. While the weather is still cold in much of the country, now is the time to start making plans for your kids’ springtime play experiences.

Brainstorming, purchasing, and installing play equipment isn’t something you can do overnight, and spring is just over a month away! Here are a few great ways to update your old backyard swing set to make sure that your kids’ experience is everything they’re hoping for and more.

Upgrade your Swing

The swing is the centerpiece of your backyard play equipment, and it’s only fair that it lives up to that reputation. After all, it’s not called a swing set for nothing. While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional, single-direction swing, it doesn’t explore the full potential of what a swing could be.

To really take things up a notch, get yourself an omnidirectional fabric swing, or a web swing. As the name suggests, these can swing in any direction, not just back and forth. Moreover, they come in much larger sizes, allowing more than one child to use it at the same time. When swinging feels like too much work, or it’s just too hot to exert yourself in the summer, it also makes a great hammock to relax in.

Connect Your Swing Set to a Tree House

Kids love a place to hide away and call their own, that lends itself to make-believe and immersive play. Traditionally this has been a backyard treehouse, and combining this classic with more modern play equipment can lead to some astonishing results.

Integrating a treehouse into your other play equipment is a lot of work, but it definitely kicks things up a notch over any other kind of backyard play setup. Climbing ropes, stairs, or ladders gain a practical purpose beyond just leading to a slide, and that slide can take on a new significance as the perfect exit. Monkey bars or zip lines can provide transportation from the tree house to the swing portion of the play set, which should be built at a safe distance from trees or any other obstacles.

Make Your Play Set Parent Friendly

Like anyone else, kids don’t enjoy being constantly watched by authority figures. Unfortunately, parents do need to keep an eye on their little ones while they’re at play to ensure their safety. A good way to solve this is to join them instead of just sitting off to the side. To do that, however, play equipment needs to be designed to also accommodate adults. That means adding adult-sized swings, a wider slide, and possibly taller and larger climbing equipment. Not only will that allow you to spend better quality time with your kids, it’ll give you the opportunity to move around and give your body a workout while you do it.

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