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4 Great Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard Playset

03 Jul, 2017

4 Great Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard Playset

Every kid wants to have the coolest playset in the neighborhood, and every parent wants their child to have it. Great playsets offer more fun and entertainment, and help children develop their balance, coordination, and strength. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear what kinds of upgrades to make to your existing equipment. New features need to be safe, age appropriate, and fun. Let’s take a look at some exciting options that are sure to make your backyard the envy of all your little one’s friends.


1. Upgrade Your Swing

You might think that swings don’t come in a lot of different varieties, but you’d be wrong. Your kids don’t have to live with the basic model that came with your playset. Web swings and fabric swings can be installed to swing in all directions, and come in many different sizes. Larger fabric swings can be used almost like a hammock, or can be used to allow multiple people to swing at the same time!

If your kids don’t get excited about your regular swing anymore, it might be time for an upgrade. There are a lot of great options to look at, and they’re appropriate for any child that’s old enough to use a regular swing.


2. Add Climbing Equipment

Climbing is an incredible full-body workout, and kids love it. The instinct to climb is completely natural, and it’s normal for children to begin trying to climb everything from kitchen counters to trees before they turn 2. For toddlers, a slanted ramp with comfortable holds will provide the most enjoyment and necessary safety. Kids who are a little bit older and better coordinated will quickly get bored with this, though, and need more of a challenge.

For kids that are ready, consider installing a climbing rope, a climbing wall, or a slanted climbing net. The best choice for your yard depends on space and resources. A climbing rope is inexpensive, it can be easily added onto most swingsets as is, and it doesn’t require any significant extra space. Climbing walls and nets are more versatile, but also require a larger investment and a lot more space.


3. Gym Rings and Trapeze Bar

If your kids enjoy climbing and very physically active play, a gym ring and trapeze bar set are an excellent choice. They offer a wide variety of ways to play and have fun with them, and require a significant amount of strength and coordination. Because kids they’re designed for kids to flip upside down, swing from their legs, and engage in other gymnastic exercises, it’s especially important for parents to supervise their kids when they’re using this type of equipment.


4. Upgrade your Slide

The simple short slides that come with most playsets aren’t going to hold your kids’ interest for long. As they get a little bit older, you can make things interesting for them by upgrading to that spiral slide they’ve always wanted. Again, you’ll just need to ensure that you have sufficient space around it to safely accommodate the new play equipment.

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