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3 Great Reasons to Get a Swing Set for Your Backyard

15 Aug, 2017

3 Great Reasons to Get a Swing Set for Your Backyard

Playing outside isn’t just fun, it’s also a crucial part of our children’s physical and social development. Since they were introduced about a century ago, public playgrounds have provided space for kids to play, exercise, and socialize together. The question is, with these great public spaces available to everyone, does it really make sense for parents to set up a private swing set in their own backyard?

We say yes, absolutely! While public playgrounds are a wonderful amenity, there are some significant advantages to having your own swing set set up on your property.


1. Customizability

Public swing sets are fun, but they tend to always have the same play options available. Simple, regular swings, slides, monkey bars, and perhaps a climbing wall. Those are great, but we can do much better for our kids today. While everyone enjoys a classic now and then, your little one’s don’t have to settle for grandpa’s swing. Those only move on a single axis, the seats are relatively uncomfortable, and you have to sit upright in them.

Our web swings, on the other hand, can be installed to swing in any direction, and offer a variety of ways to hold on and swing. Even better, the larger ones can safely be used by multiple kids at the same time. Other options, like our fabric swing, can be used as a mini-hammock, or a comfortable omnidirectional swing. The possibilities are endless!


2. Hygiene

Public playgrounds are a great place to socialize and play with other children in your community. Unfortunately, that also makes them a great place to exchange germs. Baby swings, seesaws, and slides at public playgrounds have been found to be several hundred times as densely covered in harmful microbes than a typical home toilet seat. While it’s certainly not necessary to keep kids in a sterile environment, germs in such quantities and varieties can expose kids to serious illnesses.

In your own backyard, you have full control over how many and which other kids play on your equipment. Moreover, you can simply clean it periodically to prevent the accumulation of harmful bugs when your child does play with a group of friends.


3. Access

Children are spending less and less time outside. Entertainment options ranging from TV to computers, to mobile devices keep children indoors and immobile. Worse, it forces them to choose between having fun right now, or waiting to go to another place to meet friends, waiting their turn at the swing and the slides, and learning to share.

Kids don’t intuitively understand the value of in-person social relationships, and especially not the value of delayed gratification. Modern technology has made it much more difficult for them to discover those values on their own. By making sure that they have fun and exciting play options available right in their backyard, parents can make the choice to go outside, to exercise, and to interact with friends in person that much easier.

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