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3 Great Improvements For Your Swing Set

13 Jan, 2018

3 Great Improvements For Your Swing Set

Kids love active play. It’s a great way to burn off excess energy, to get away from boring indoor activities, and to interact with friends. It’s an important part of your child’s healthy physical and social development, and helps to build healthy habits for a lifetime.

Today, however, outdoor play is in competition with all kinds of other forms of entertainment like video games and TV. As a result, parents often find that they need to make their kids’ active play environments more versatile and fun to help keep their interest. Let’s take a look at a few innovative ideas that parents can use to improve their kids’ play experience.

Omnidirectional Swings

Swings are some of the oldest play equipment in the world. For the last few centuries, we’ve mostly stuck to the simple and classic swing we all grew up with. These traditional swings are great, and they provided us with hours of entertainment, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t do better for our own kids.

Omnidirectional web or fabric swings offer a far more versatile play experience than the tree swings of our own childhoods. They can swing in any direction, and the swing’s round shape allows kids to sit on the swing in a wide variety of ways. For families with multiple children, a large sized version can also seat more than one person at a time, so there won’t be any squabbling over whose turn it is.

Gym Rings

Parents don’t often consider adding gym rings to their swing sets, because most adults can’t do much with them. After all, to us they seem like relatively challenging gymnastics equipment. Hoever, kids naturally have a lot of upper body strength meant for clinging to parents and climbing. This makes gym rings a fun toy, and a great way to develop your kids’ arm and back muscles as they grow.

If your kids express a real aptitude for, and an interest in, gymnastics, you might also consider combining your gym rings with a trapeze bar. This gives them even more options, allowing them to hang upside down or swing from the bar. Obviously, children should only do these kinds of activities under the close supervision of an adult.

Ramps and Climbing Equipment

Depending on the age of your kids, they might be ready to learn to climb, or just becoming mobile. Ramps, slanted climbing walls, and regular climbing walls are all great options depending on your child’s age and ability. Climbing is very demanding, but also something that comes naturally to kids. Humans, and especially young kids, are naturally built to enjoy it. Climbing walls are an ideal option for providing kids with a varied play opportunity, because holds can be removed and switched around to provide a different challenge whenever an old layout becomes too familiar.

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